Living with a larger dog is an adventure. We design products that solve problems for you and your dog, so you can get back to writing your story together.

Built for the tallest of dogs. By people who love dogs. 

Because we care for the well-being of your pet

Easy to clean

Why we're your best choice

High quality

At Rock Solid Crates, you'll find high-quality crates made from top-of-the-line materials.

Maximum comfort

Our stylish and functional dog crates are designed to provide maximum comfort to your canine companion.

Stress-free assembly

Our dog crates are designed to easily set up or fold down within seconds, no tools needed.

Effortless portability

With the easy-to-fold design, our crates offer convenient storage and transport for every exciting adventures together.

Secure construction

Our crates come equipped with a secure three latch system to keep your dog safely contained.


With the adjustable divider panel, our crates offer unmatched versatility, making them perfect for dogs of all sizes, even the tallest ones.

What’s the ideal crate size for my pet’s needs?

While there are myriad dog crate sizes to choose from, picking the right one for your furry friend is crucial to ensure they have a positive and comfortable environment. A crate with too little space to move will cause discomfort and stress to your pup, while one that’s too large can increase the risk of accidents. 

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Back in 2021, my wife and I found a passion for dog shows. We ended up traveling state to state with our wonderful dogs Barbie

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Yes. Our dog crates are specifically designed for the tallest of dog breeds. They are suitable for pet owners of giant breeds like Great Danes, Borzoi, and Irish Wolfhounds. 

Absolutely! Our crates are designed to be lightweight and super simple to put together. You can easily set them up on your own without needing any tools.

Yes, absolutely! Our dog crates are designed to create a safe space for training your dog. Plus, they include a crate divider panel to ensure your pup can adjust as they grow into a larger crate.

Yes. Our crates are built with high-grade materials to provide unmatched strength, structural integrity, and safety. It provides a den-like space where your dog can feel calm and protected.